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Welcome to The Ragdoll Hub


The Ragdoll Hub was created out of a love for Ragdoll Cats and cats in general. We love the Ragdoll cat and wanted to share our experiences with anyone either thinking about getting one, or you already have one and have questions.

We have a lot of helpful content on this site and love hearing feedback. Contact us or just enjoy the site.

The Ragdoll Hub is made up of a whole number of people that are involved from various backgrounds.

Meet Our Team

Each of our team members has a role to play even if they are just researching and writing content.


Lucas James

Alex Anrda

Nicholas Britco

vet dr alex wilson

Dr. Alex Wilson


Lucas is our Editor and CEO – He has owned a number of Ragdolls and other cats in his life and has a Biology Degree. Currently, he owns a Ragdoll named Maya.

Alex is our main writer, she is a passionate researcher and loves to tell stories.

Nicholas has contributed articles over the past 3 years of the site and also lives in Canada.

Dr. Alex Wilson is our resident Vet and is Maya’s Vet. She helps contribute from time to time on certain articles.