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Ragdoll Vs Siamese

Ragdoll vs Other Breeds

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Ragdoll Vs Siamese The Ragdoll cat is a gorgeous breed, which is beloved not only for its good looks but for its sweet and gentle temperament, too. The Siamese is …

Ragdoll vs Other Breeds

Ragdoll Vs Siamese

Written by: Lucas James

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Ragdoll Vs Siamese

The Ragdoll cat is a gorgeous breed, which is beloved not only for its good looks but for its sweet and gentle temperament, too.

The Siamese is another striking purebred cat, looking similar to the Ragdoll with a bicolor coat and beautiful blue eyes. However, while these two breeds of cat may look the same, they are still different breeds.

Ragdoll vs Siamese

They have different characteristics that set them apart from each other, too. Below, we will go over Ragdoll cats and Siamese cats in more detail, and we will even compare some of the traits of these two breeds!

What Is a Ragdoll Cat?

what is a ragdoll cat

A Ragdoll cat is a breed of cat that is often compared to another species— dogs. This is because they have a playful temperament and are cuddly like dogs, and are even intelligent enough to learn certain tricks with enough patience and training. Some tricks a Ragdoll might learn are fetch and roll over. For this reason they can be a good choice of cat if you are someone who is used to having dogs as pets. Ragdolls got their name from a particular trait— when a Ragdoll cat is picked up, it will go limp in your arms, like a ragdoll! 

What Is a Siamese Cat?

what is a siamese cat

The Siamese cat is another breed of cat, which is sometimes confused for a Ragdoll due to their similar appearances. Siamese also have cream coats with darker extremities like their paws and ears, as well as blue eyes. The Siamese was originally native to Thailand, and is a small to medium sized cat. Personality wise, most Siamese are known to be social, playful, and intelligent. They are more playful than some other cat breeds, similar to the Ragdoll cat, and are not only playful when they are kittens. Some Siamese cats may enjoy a game of fetch!

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Ragdoll Cat Vs Siamese Cat

Below, we will go over some of the traits that set the Ragdoll cat and the Siamese cat apart. They are not the same breed, after all, and yet one is still mistaken for the other in certain situations!


Both Ragdolls and Siamese are very affectionate, loving, and playful cats. However, the Ragdoll is a bit more independent and will want to be left alone more than the Siamese cat will.

The Siamese is also more energetic than the Ragdoll and will want to play more, while the Ragdoll is more content to laze around or cuddle, in comparison. The Ragdoll cat is the more independent of the two.

As the Siamese cat is energetic, it can be stubborn during training, so, even though they are an intelligent breed, training them can present a unique challenge! 


Ragdoll cats require more maintenance and grooming than a Siamese. They also have a longer coat, which is why more maintenance is required!

A Ragdoll cat should be brushed at least twice a week to detangle its coat and make sure it does not become matted. A Siamese, with its shorter coat, generally only needs to be brushed once a week.

Bi-weekly bathing is also important. Because the Ragdoll cat has a longer coat, it will shed more, too. Frequent brushing can help to keep shedding to a minimum. 


Another thing to consider is the size of each cat. On average, the Ragdoll can grow to be larger and heavier than the Siamese. The average Ragdoll cat is between 17 to 21 inches long, while the average Siamese is 15 to 20 inches long. A healthy Ragdoll cat will also weigh in at around 10 to 20 pounds, while a healthy Siamese averages between 6 to 14 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ragdoll Cats related to Siamese?

Ragdoll cats and Siamese cats are both very beautiful and elegant breeds, and they do share some characteristics, such as bicolor coats and bright blue eyes.

However, the Ragdoll and Siamese cats are two different breeds and are not related. They are also not the same breed, which can be a misunderstanding held by some people! 

How can I tell if my cat is a Ragdoll?

Ragdoll cats are a lovely breed, much adored for their sweet personalities and for their unique physical traits, too. If you are wondering if your cat is a Ragdoll, there are some easy ways to determine this.

Ragdoll cats are easy to identify by their light colored body, or coat, which is usually cream or white. Around their extremities, their coat will be a darker color— this is usually on their face like a mask, and in other areas like their ears and paws. Ragdoll cats have bright blue eyes, too.

Another characteristic of the Ragdoll cat is how the breed “flops” in the arms of its owner when picked up. 

What is a Ragdoll Siamese mix called?

Both Ragdoll and Siamese cats are well-loved for their beauty and for aesthetics. The breeds both have striking blue eyes and bicolor coats, with the body being lighter and the extremities of the cat being a darker color.

Some breeders may like certain characteristics of each breed and may decide to breed these two purebred cats together. When a Ragdoll cat is mixed with a Siamese cat, the resulting offspring is known as a Ragamese.

Ragamese typically has the long hair, bicolor coat, and blue eyes of both parent breeds. 

What two cats make a Ragdoll?

These days, Ragdoll cats are recognized as a breed and are bred from two Ragdoll parents to keep the resulting litter purebred Ragdoll cats.

However, in order to become purebred, there was a time when there were different parent breeds being bred together to develop the Ragdoll breed. This is a fairly normal part of the breeding process, especially when creating a new breed.

It is believed that the Ragdoll as we know it today was bred from an Angora, or the Persian and Birman cats. The original breeder of Ragdoll cats bred her litter from a cat named Josephine.