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Ragdoll Cat Names

living with Ragdolls

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Ragdoll Cat Names Are you searching for Ragdoll Cat names? What Are Ragdoll Cats? Ragdoll cats are some of the cutest and most widely available cats in the world. There …

living with Ragdolls

Ragdoll Cat Names

Written by: Lucas James

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Ragdoll Cat Names

Are you searching for Ragdoll Cat names?

What Are Ragdoll Cats?

Ragdoll cats are some of the cutest and most widely available cats in the world. There are only three words to describe a ragdoll cat: fluffy, gorgeous, and friendly. These cats are similar to Persians but even more adorable. Having a ragdoll cat is like having a small fluffy puppy. They thrive on the companionship of their humans, they are actually a relatively new breed, and they have gorgeous blue eyes. 

Because ragdoll cats are so cute and adorable, and also one of the largest cat breeds, you might have some trouble choosing a great name for your ragdoll cat. These kitties are quiet, they live for a super long time, and they are very doglike. Choosing a great name for your ragdoll cat is the first step to building a long and healthy relationship. 

But what do you name them?

Do you go with an old Roman name?

Something from Game of Thrones?

Do you name them something normal and boring?

Luckily for you, we have come up with a list of the very best ragdoll cat names that you can make full use of.

What is a Good Name for a Ragdoll Cat?

There is no perfect name for your ragdoll cat. It’s all going to depend on your personality, your own personal feelings, and how creative you want to get. Who does your ragdoll cat remind you of?

Typically, a good ragdoll name is going to be something fun, friendly, and easy for the cat to recognize. Because yes, cats can usually understand when you call their name! 

Most people like to name their ragdoll cats after someone famous, and there is no shortage of fun and cute names.

Because let’s be honest, a ragdoll cat deserves a special name. Something like Chewbacca or Maverick. These cats have a lot of spunk and a lot of personality, and their name definitely needs to reflect that. 

What Are Some Cool Cat Titles?

Here is a giant list of the coolest cat names. These are all great names for a ragdoll cat, and indeed for any cat at all. Feel free to use any of the names mentioned without any guilt. These are meant to be fun and expressive and they will be a great fit for your furry friend. 

Archie: Archie is a great name for any cat. It’s fun, it’s a royal name, and it’s a well-loved character from the traditional Archie Comics. Archie is a chill and fun name for any energetic cat. 

Daenerys: Why not name your gorgeous ragdoll cat Daenerys after the famous character from Game of Thrones? This name will give your cat an air of command and respect. Your ragdoll can be the queen of all the cats in your home! You could even try another fun Game of Thrones name like Sansa or Arya.

Theodora: Theodora was once a powerful Roman Empress, and it’s a fitting name for any cat who displays a lot of attitudes, a little bit of wisdom, and a whole bunch of creativity. Theodore is even kind of a fluffy name that fits well with a ragdoll cat. 

Zelda: Zelda is a great name for a thin ragdoll cat with elfish ears. Zelda is not only the princess from the famous video games, but the name is also short for Griselda, which means ‘blessed’ and ‘happy’ in Yiddish. If your cat is a warrior woman or extremely fun and playful, Zelda makes an awesome name. 

Maverick: If your cat is a little mysterious and more of a rebel, you might want to consider Maverick as their name. Maverick is awesome for independent cats who don’t mind flying solo. 

Jinx: Jinx is kind of a silly name. If your ragdoll cat is always playing tricks and is up to no good, causing mischief all over the house and destroying toilet paper rolls, Jinx is an awesome name. 

Nala: Nala is a fun fantasy name. It’s also a great name if your cat reminds you of the lion cub from Disney’s famous movie The Lion King. It fits perfectly with a spirited ragdoll kitten. 

Mittens: You could always go with something a little more classic like Mittens or Mr. Bigglesworth. These are cute names for the fluffiest of cats. If your ragdoll is particularly puffy and adorable, go with a cute name like Mittens. 

Rajah: If your cat is more of a ferocious tiger than a bold lion, you may want to think about Rajah as their name. If you have forgotten, Rajah is the name of the tiger from Aladdin, and it fits very well with a fierce ragdoll cat. 

Dutchess: Dutchess is another fun name that is super common with ragdoll cats. It’s hard to argue that ragdoll cats don’t look like queens and princesses. Dutchess gives your cat a royal flair and turns them into an aristocrat. 

Sylvester: A classic ragdoll name is Sylvester. While ragdolls don’t really look like Sylvester from the cartoons, it’s still a great cat name with a lot of history. Any cat who has excess energy and is running around all day could be named Sylvester. It’s also a very refined name and gives your cat a bit of pep. 

Luna: If your ragdoll cat is calm and peaceful like the moon, think about naming them Luna. This is an awesome name, especially for a ragdoll because they’re typically white and look very much like a Luna. If you find yourself sitting at night staring at the moon with your cat, Luna is definitely the best name. 

Blimpy: Blimpy is a funny ragdoll cat name if your feline friend is a bit of a goofball. If you’re not too serious about names, something like Blimpy or Mr. Blimps could be a fun way to connect with your cat. Plus, all your friends will think it is hilarious. Even Mr. Blimbsalot is a fun name.

Also check the Ragdoll Cat Association.