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Ragdoll Breeders Wisconsin

Ragdoll Breeders

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Wisconsin?Are you looking for Ragdoll Breeders in Wisconsin? Or Ragdoll Cats for Sale in Wisconsin? Ragdoll Breeders in Wisconsin If you …

Ragdoll Breeders

Ragdoll Breeders Wisconsin

Written by: Lucas James

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Wisconsin?
Are you looking for Ragdoll Breeders in Wisconsin?

Or Ragdoll Cats for Sale in Wisconsin?

Ragdoll Breeders in Wisconsin

If you are looking for a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten in Wisconsin then you have come to the right place. We keep an up-to-date list (2022) of breeders, clubs, associations and rescues in the state of Wisconsin. Check out the information below.

Ragdoll Associations and Clubs in Wisconsin

Ragdoll associations and local clubs are great resources when looking for a new cat or kitten. They are also good for socialization, meeting new people and getting great information about Ragdolls, ragdoll breeders and even local vets.


Club #1

Club NameCats Rule Cat Club
Club Contact/CEOLiz Hansen-Brown

Club #2

Club NameFox River Valley Cat Club
Club Contact/CEO


Club #3

Club NameCats of Wisconsin Cat Club
Club Contact/CEO


Ragdoll Rescues / Cat Rescues in Wisconsin

Often rescuing a cat can be significantly more rewarding than looking for a kitten from a breeder. Not only do these cats need homes, but they often come with some training and all their shots/vaccinations.

Ragdoll Rescues/Cat Rescues

Rescue #1

Rescue NameFeline/Canine Friends, Inc.
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Email – felinecaninefriends80@gmail.com
Website – FelineCanineFriends.org/
Facebook – facebook.com/felinecaninefriendsinc/?fref=ts

Rescue #2

Rescue Name – Purr-Fect Match Animal Rescue, Inc.

Email – purrfectmatch13@gmail.com
Website – purrfectmatch.rescuegroups.org/
Facebook – facebook.com/purrfectmatch.animal.rescue

Rescue #3

Rescue NamePaws Up Pet Rescue
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Email – pawsuppetrescue18@gmail.com
Website – pawsuppetrescue18.rescuegroups.org/
Facebook – facebook.com/pawsuppetrescue

Rescue #4

Rescue NameChasing Daylight Animal Shelter
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Website – chasingdaylight.org/
Facebook – facebook.com/Chasing-Daylight-Animal-Shelter-191809694199253

Rescue #5

Rescue NameSafe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc.
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Email – safehavenpetsanctuary@gmail.com
Website – safehavenpet.org/
Facebook – facebook.com/safehavengb/

Ragdoll Kitten Breeders in Wisconsin the List

Here is a current list of Ragdoll kitten breeders in Wisconsin. These breeders may or may not have kittens available at the time you are reading this, but they are all actively breeding. If you are looking for a Ragdoll kitten in Wisconsin these breeders are a great place to start.

Having said that it is still critical that you do your homework on whichever breeder you decided to go with. Make sure you ask lots of questions, check their reviews and ask your vet.

Wisconsin Cattery’s

Cattery #1

Name of CatteryMy Love Tails Ragdoll Cats
Owner NameMargery Overman
Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/MyLoveTailsRagdolls/

Cattery #2

Name of Cattery – Starliterags
Owner Name – Ann J. Lang
Email – starliterags@gmail.com
Phone – 715-340-3435
Facebook Page – facebook.com/starliterags
Website – starliterags.net/

Cattery #3

Name of Cattery – Lonerock-Catastrophe Ragdolls
Owner Name – Sue Villareal
Email – ragdollcat@charter.net
Phone – 715-498-2405 
Facebook Page – facebook.com/LoneorckCatastropheRagdolls
Website – ragdollcat.net/

Cattery #4

Name of Cattery – Angel heart Ragdolls
Owner Name – Laura & Frank Oravec
Email – angelheartrags@aol.com
Phone – 262-767-9001
Facebook Page – facebook.com/laura.oravec.3
Website – angelheartragdolls.com/

Cattery #5

Name of Cattery – Beyond the Valleyragdolls
Owner Name – Sue Gerstenzang
Email – valleyragdolls@gmail.com
Phone – 651-323-7880
Facebook Page – facebook.com/beyondthevalleyragdolls
Website – beyondthevalleyragdolls.com/

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