Written by: Lucas James

Ragdoll Breeders Ohio

Ragdoll Breeders

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Ohio? Are you looking for Ragdoll Breeders in Ohio? Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Ohio We have compiled a list of …

Ragdoll Breeders

Ragdoll Breeders Ohio

Written by: Lucas James

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Ohio?

Are you looking for Ragdoll Breeders in Ohio?

Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Ohio

We have compiled a list of cat breeders in Ohio. We have also compiled a list of associations and rescues in the Ohio area. These should serve you as a resource on your journey to find a Ragdoll Kitten.

Ragdoll Associations and Club in Ohio – The List

There are a number of Ragdoll Cat associations and clubs in the USA. There are also a number of local to the Ohio region associations and clubs. Here is a list of the ones that we found.

Club #1
Club Name CFA Foundation

Club Contact/CEO
Email – info@FelineHistoricalFoundation.org

Website – felinehistoricalfoundation.org/

Facebook – facebook.com/CFAFoundation

Club #2
Club Name A-Kerr’s BengalsClub Contact/CEO
Website – akerrsbengals.com/

Facebook – facebook.com/523027271419523

Club #3
Club Name Cat’s Eye SaloonClub Contact/CEO
Website – catseyesaloon.com/
Facebook – facebook.com/catseyesaloon

Club #4
Club Name – Top Cat’sClub Contact/CEO
Email – info@topcatscincy.com
Website – topcatscincy.com/
Facebook – facebook.com/topcatscincy

Club #5
Club Name – The Cat Fanciers’ Association Inc.

Club Contact/CEO
Website – https://cfa.org/
Facebook – facebook.com/cfacats

Ragdoll Cat Rescues in Ohio – The List

Rescue #1
Rescue NamePurr Partners Feline RescueRescue Contact/ CEOLawanna JohnsonEmailpurrpartners@yahoo.comWebsitehttps://www.purrpartners.org/Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/Purr-Partners-Feline-Rescue-427741150596024/

Rescue #2
Rescue NameCat TownRescue Contact/ CEONara DahlbackaEmailinfo@cattownoakland.orgWebsitehttps://www.cattownoakland.org/Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/CatTownOAK

Rescue #3
Rescue NameViva Los Cost Cat RescueRescue Contact/ CEODanEmailVivaLosGatosCatRescue@gmail.comWebsitehttps://www.vivalosgatoscatrescue.org/Facebook

Rescue #4
Rescue NameColony Cats Adoption CenterRescue Contact/ CEO

Rescue #5
Rescue NameStay-A-Where Cat ShelterRescue Contact/ CEO

Ragdoll Kitten Breeders in Ohio – The List

Cattery #1
Name of CatteryMoon SeedOwner NameStephanie RawlinsEmailmoonseedragdolls@gmail.comPhone(614) 940-5632Facebook Pagewww.moonseedragdolls.comWebsitewww.moonseedragdolls.com

Cattery #2
Name of CatteryCotton Blues RagdollsOwner NameKristin DemkoEmailcottonbluesragdolls@yahoo.comPhone(440) 503-9343Facebook Pagewww.cottonbluesragdolls.comWebsitewww.cottonbluesragdolls.com

Cattery #3
Name of CatterySS RagdollsOwner NameEmily ScottEmailssragdollsohio@gmail.comPhone(419) 685-0761Facebook Page

Cattery #4
Name of CatteryBIG CITY DOLLSOwner NameKristi PembertonEmailRagdolls@bigcitydolls.comPhone(513) 515-0129Facebook Page

Cattery #5
Name of CatteryBLUE GEMOwner NameMary AlexanderEmailbluegemragdoll@aol.comPhone(978) 400-8581Facebook Page


What is the Average Cost of a Ragdoll Kitten?

The actual price of a ragdoll cat that you will pay will definitely change based on the quality of the kitten.

This just means that some kittens are pet quality, some are breeding quality and some are show quality.

Each type will change the pricing. For a pet quality ragdoll kitten, you are looking somewhere between 500$ and 1000$, maybe up to 1200$ depending on the breeder and location.

For a breeding quality female, the price is going to be closer to the 1700 – 2500$ range. For a show-quality cat, the price can get up to 2000$. Typically this is because a show-quality cat will win at the cat shows and then breed, and those kittens will typically be worth moreā€¦, especially to the breeder and the genes in their lines.

If you find a Ragdoll kitten for under 500$ I would be very careful about breeder quality, kitten mills, and disease within their cattery.

We have an additional resource dedicated to this question you can find it HERE. We also have a Ragdoll price page for CANADA and for The UK

Is it better to get a Male or Female Ragdoll Cat?

This is really all about personal choice. I have had both, and although some people have said that males are a little sweeter this really depends on if and when they were desexed. If you are looking to show or breed that will make the decision a little more difficult.

Additional Resources

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If you are a local Cat association, club, rescue or Ragdoll breeder and would like to be featured on this page or added to it please inquire about being added.