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Ragdoll Breeders in Virginia

Ragdoll Breeders

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Virginia? Are you looking for Ragdoll Breeders in Virginia? Or Ragdoll Cats for Sale in Virginia? Ragdoll Breeders in Virginia If …

Ragdoll Breeders

Ragdoll Breeders in Virginia

Written by: Lucas James

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Virginia?

Are you looking for Ragdoll Breeders in Virginia? Or Ragdoll Cats for Sale in Virginia?

Ragdoll Breeders in Virginia

If you are looking for a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten in Virginia then you have come to the right place. We keep an up-to-date list (2022) of breeders, clubs, associations and rescues in the state of Virginia. Check out the information below.

Ragdoll Associations and Clubs in Virginia

Ragdoll associations and local clubs are great resources when looking for a new cat or kitten. They are also good for socialization, meeting new people and getting great information about Ragdolls, ragdoll breeders and even local vets.


Club #1

Club Name – Hampton Roads Cat Clubs – PawPrints in the Sand & Chamberlin on the Bay
Club Contact/CEO


Facebook – facebook.com/HRCatClubs.Pawprints.Chamberlin

Club #2

Club Name – United Cat Club Inc
Club Contact/CEO – Jessica Petras
Email – UnitedCatClub@gmail.com
Website – unitedcatclub.com/
Facebook – facebook.com/unitedcatclub

Club #3

Club Name – Virginia Kittens
Club Contact

Email – nada1983jo@gmail.com
Website – virginiakittens.com/
Facebook – facebook.com/virginia.kittens.71

Ragdoll Rescues / Cat Rescues in Virginia

Often rescuing a cat can be significantly more rewarding than looking for a kitten from a breeder. Not only do these cats need homes, but they often come with some training and all their shots/vaccinations.

Ragdoll Rescues/Cat Rescues

Rescue #1

Rescue NameCat Action Team
Rescue Contact/ CEOBetsy Ballenger
Email – catactionteamva@gmail.com
Website – catactionteam.org/?fbclid=IwAR2_5MBhxsmgZ4lXQWKegyt2jQrJOUMKDL0nZmtn6zGg8bvxK4IvvnkoTyk
Facebook – facebook.com/catactionteamva/

Rescue #2

Rescue Name – Smitty’s cat rescue shelter
Rescue Contact

Email – smittyscatrescueshelter@yahoo.com

Facebook – facebook.com/smittyscatrescueshelter

Rescue #3

Rescue NameThe Cat Corner Inc.
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Email: info@thecatcornerinc.com
Website: thecatcornerinc.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/TheCatCornerInc/

Rescue #4

Rescue Name Fancy Cats & Dogs Rescue Team
Rescue Contact

Email info@fancycats.org
Website fancycats.org/
Facebook fancycats.org/

Rescue #5

Rescue NameAlley Cat Allies
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Website alleycat.org/


Ragdoll Kitten Breeders in Virginia the List

Here is a current list of Ragdoll kitten breeders in Virginia. These breeders may or may not have kittens available at the time you are reading this, but they are all actively breeding. If you are looking for a Ragdoll kitten in Virginia these breeders are a great place to start.

Having said that it is still critical that you do your homework on whichever breeder you decided to go with. Make sure you ask lots of questions, check their reviews and ask your vet.

Virginia Cattery’s

Cattery #1

Name of CatteryRockstar Ragdoll Kittens
Owner NameMelissa Mattison
Facebook Pagefacebook.com/Rockstar-Ragdoll-Cattery-Virginia-and-Maryland-108022687494410
Website rockstarragdolls.com/

Cattery #2

Name of CatteryTubby Dolls Ragdolls
Owner NameMarcie York
Phone(910) 409-4056
Facebook Page

Website tubbydollsragdolls.com

Cattery #3

Name of CatteryCeltic Ragdolls
Owner NameJanie Thompson
Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/celticragdolls-505810169500775
Website my-bussiness.org/celtic-ragdolls-home.html

Cattery #4

Name of CatteryRagsamatazz Cattery
Owner Name

Facebook Page facebook.com/Ragsamatazz-Cattery-185535208243984/

Cattery #5

Name of CatteryFairy Friends Ragdolls
Owner Name


Facebook Pagewww.facebook.com/FairyFriends-Ragdoll-Cattery-536493109884510

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