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Ragdoll Breeders Alabama

Ragdoll Breeders

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Alabama? Are you looking for a Ragdoll Breeder in Alabama? Or Ragdoll Cats for Sale in Alabama? Ragdoll Cats in Alabama, …

Ragdoll Breeders

Ragdoll Breeders Alabama

Written by: Lucas James

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Are you looking for Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Alabama?

Are you looking for a Ragdoll Breeder in Alabama? Or Ragdoll Cats for Sale in Alabama?

Ragdoll Cats in Alabama, Breeders in Alabama.

If you are looking for a Ragdoll Cat or Kitten in Alabama then you have come to the right place. We keep an up-to-date list (2022) of breeders, clubs, associations and rescues in the Alabama area. Check out the information below.

Ragdoll Associations and Clubs in Alabama

As with all states that we have listed, there are also national and international clubs and breed standard associations. You can find them by accessing our main guide to breeders of Ragdolls page.

Here is a list of Ragdoll clubs and associations that are local to the Alabama region.

Club #1
Club NameThe Cool Cat Club
Club Contact/CEO

Club #2
Club NameCat & Mouse Club
Club Contact/CEO

Ragdoll Rescues in Alabama

Just like the clubs and associations, there are national cat rescues and adoption agencies that work across the states.

This list is all about Alabama Cat Rescues, specifically, Ragdoll rescues in Alabama

Rescue #1
Rescue NameTuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter
Rescue Contact/ CEOJennifer Earp

Rescue #2
Rescue NameHeart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt
Rescue Contact/ CEOAmy Chynoweth Reed

Rescue #3
Rescue NameLifeline Pet Rescue of North Alabama
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Rescue #4
Rescue NameProject Purr Animal Rescue
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Rescue #5
Rescue Contact/ CEO

Ragdoll Kittens in Alabama Breeders List

This list includes Ragdoll Breeders in Alabama and they will have Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Alabama.

Make sure the breeders have some kind of health guarantee, meet ragdoll standards and are tica registered. As new owners of a kitten you want to make sure the breeders are above board.

Cattery #1
Name of CatteryRockinBlues Ragdolls Cattery
Owner NameCori
Facebook Pagerockinbluesrags.org/about/

Cattery #2
Name of CatteryElegant Ragdoll Cattery
Owner Name
Facebook Page

Cattery #3
Name of CatteryTHE MAD CATTERY
Owner NameRobert Vilardi
Phone(334) 590-7520
Facebook Page

Cattery #4
Name of CatteryGeno Type Cats
Owner NameKristy Marson
Facebook Pagefacebook.com/genotypecats/

Cattery #5
Name of CatteryBackwoods Alabama
Owner NameRobbi & Jerry Lamb
Phone(256) 475-5262
Facebook Page

Fancicat Farms

Owner – Karol Bloyer
Location – Alabama
Phone Number – 256-758-3496
Email – jk_adoption@yahoo.com
Website – fancicatfarms.com

How Kittens are Raised – Adjust to New Homes?

Kittens are typically 8-10 weeks old when you bring them into your home. There will be an adjustment phase for these beautiful kittens known as Ragdolls. They should have all their silky fur by this point, but it will still grow and still change colour as they age.

It will take a little bit of time for the kitten to lose it’s behaviour from the breeder’s home and adapt to your home. Just give lots of love.


How Much Does it Cost for a Ragdoll Kitten?

Ragdoll Kittens are priced based on their quality. There are generally three qualities and they are pet, show and breeding quality. Pet quality is usually the lowest in the 500-1500 dollar range, usually on the lower side. Show and breeding females will be the most in the 1500-2500 dollar range.

If you find a Ragdoll kitten for under 500$ I would be very careful about breeder quality, kitten mills, and disease within their cattery.

Ragdoll cat prices can vary quite a bit from place to place and from breeder to breeder but there are some general expectations and averages.

You can also check the international cat association for updates on statistics as well. Breeding cats all over the world vary in numbers, and healthy ragdoll cats that are producing great offspring are registered there. The Cat Fanciers Association also has information about breeders and pricing from time to time, if you are looking for healthy cats and healthy kittens that could be a place to start.

Is it better to get a Male or Female Ragdoll Cat?

This is really all about personal choice. I have had both, and although some people have said that males are a little sweeter this really depends on if and when they were desexed. If you are looking to show or breed that will make the decision a little more difficult.

What you want more than anything is quality kittens, and usually, that is determined over time. A breeder’s history will tell the story.

Animal behavior does change with male and female types, but a responsible breeder will be able to help you make that decision. A new kitten will develop based on its surroundings and as the kittens are raised you can work on their behaviour. Other cats can also help with this if you already have adult cats in your home. You definitely want to get the kittens fix though especially if they are male.

Additional Resources

We have a main hub page for all of our Ragdoll Cat breeders in the USA – Access it HERE

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If you are a local Cat association, club, rescue or Ragdoll breeder and would like to be featured on this page or added to it please inquire about being added.

You can also ship kittens if that is something that you need to do. We have a resource you can check out for Canada.