Written by: Lucas James

Pros and Cons of Ragdoll Cats

living with Ragdolls

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Wondering about the Pros and Cons of Ragdoll Cats? They say once you’ve owned a Ragdoll, you are ruined for other kinds of cats. I would agree. I have had …

living with Ragdolls

Pros and Cons of Ragdoll Cats

Written by: Lucas James

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Wondering about the Pros and Cons of Ragdoll Cats?

They say once you’ve owned a Ragdoll, you are ruined for other kinds of cats. I would agree. I have had a number of different cats throughout the years and I still come back to ragdolls.

Their personality, their beauty and their way of being will often captivate you. They are the best.

However, there are a few things that you need to be aware of, especially if you are here because you are considering getting a ragdoll and you want to know what you are getting yourself into.

I own two ragdolls currently and I have owned other ragdolls in the past. I was even a ragdoll breeder back in the mid-2000s and I can definitely give you a sense of what are the pros and cons of owning a ragdoll.

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What are the Pro’s of Ragdoll Cats?

Ok, so lets get right into it and list out the pros of owning a ragdoll.


So without a doubt, the best thing about these beautiful cats is their personality. They just are the best.

They are very loyal and very affectionate, it is rare that you will find a ragdoll that is completely aloof and uninterested in human connection. They really are members of the family. My Maya cat will 9 out of 10 times greet me at the door when I get home and often stand next to the dog to say goodbye if we are going out.

The great thing about them is that they adjust. If you are busy they are pretty good at being lazy and not too demanding.

They generally don’t get into mischief and will self-entertain. I haven’t had a rag that has torn up things if I have been away for multiple days. I have had other cats that have definitely done that.

However, if you are someone who works from home they will love that too, and love being involved with what you are doing.

More often than not when I am working on the laptop Maya will want to be a part of what is happening.

Maya the ragdoll cat

Ragdolls are Great for Families.

I have never really worried about kids getting scratched or not being able to pet and hold the cats. Having said that I don’t have any kids so it is mostly based on friends and their kids.

Ragdolls are a bit larger than most cats, so while you don’t really need to worry about kids getting scratched or bitten, they are a little heavier. This just means that you need to teach kids that they shouldn’t pick the cats up unless they are big enough to lift them.

Ragdolls are extremely smart

Ragdoll cats are known for their smarts. They can be taught all kinds of things, that sometimes take other breeds much longer to catch onto.

Ragdoll Cats can be taught to do all kinds of things. My Maya cat definitely knows the sound of cheese strings being opened. She will come running from anywhere in the house if she knows you have cheese. And we can get her to do tricks.

They Will Cuddle

Ragdolls are a part of the floppy cat group, and they caught on so much because they flop. It is especially true when you pick them up, but it is also true when they are just hanging around the house. My cats typically do it right in front of where you are walking, which is always great, but it is definitely a sign of endearment. They like to be with people and be a part of what is going on.

Rags are known for cuddling, they will get close and they will rub up against you. Even though they are still cats and cats sometimes just go off and sleep somewhere, they will typically want to be where the humans are.

Grooming is pretty easy

So when it comes to grooming they are pretty easy. They take care of themselves. They do have long hair and will often need a little help with brushing, but its a lot easier than a cat with an undercoat. You will need a brush that can handle the hair and the matting that may occur especially as they get older.

When it comes to clipping their nails most ragdolls are pretty easy too. With Grandma Cat, we just hold her and clip. With Maya, we use a little catnip. Even without the catnip, we can usually get a few done, but with the catnip, she is very easy.


Ok so if you want a cat with absolutely zero sheddings you may not want a ragdoll. A lot of people say that their ragdolls don’t shed but it just isn’t true. Ragdolls do Shed, but it usually comes out in clumps, not single little hairs all over the place, so it is much more manageable.


So it really depends on your definition. According to most vets, Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic, but no cat is because if your allergic to their saliva then you are allergic to all cats. If you are allergic to the dander then you will be good with Ragdolls because they don’t have an undercoat, and therefor no dander.

The best thing to do is to try and find someone who has a ragdoll and go and visit them and see what happens. You may be happily surprised.

Ok so let’s Talk about some of the Cons

Ragdolls cannot go outside

So this is probably the most important thing to know as a ragdoll owner. Your Ragdoll can’t go outside. Well, it can’t go out without being on a leash or harness. Ragdolls will not defend themselves, they will not protect themselves against other cats and dogs. Usually, they will just lie down.

Ragdoll cats are not typically territorial, which also helps with the spraying. As such they just shouldn’t go outside.

If you really want to then get a tether and a leash and a harness and bring them into the backyard with you. But just make sure they don’t get away.

They’re not Cheap

Ya, ragdolls are not cheap. That’s because they are really great little cats and in high demand. Their upkeep and vet bills will not be unlike any other cat, but their acquisition cost is usually higher.

When it comes to disease and health issues ragdolls really are a lot like other cats. They need to be wormed, they need proper diet and nutrition and they also need regular checkups.

They will not cost you a lot when it comes to the vet, typically.

FAQ – Some extra questions and answers.

Are Ragdoll Cats High Maintenance?

Typically speaking Ragdoll Cats are NOT high maintenance. They do require some brushing and may need some additional care as they age. But typically Ragdolls are known for their easy-going personalities and beauty.

Can a Ragdoll Cat Be Left Alone?

Yes, Ragdoll Cats can be left alone. In fact, they make great house pets because they are not high-energy. We leave our Ragdoll Cat by itself on many occasions, it always has access to food and water.

Do Ragdoll Cats have Health Problems?

Just like any other cat, Ragdolls do have some health issues to be aware of. Typically kidney issues are a thing with cats, and Ragdolls are no exception. It’s a good idea as your cat ages to have regular vet checkups. You will also want to watch the weight of your cat with a keen eye. These cats are larger and heavier cats and can sometimes get a little too heavy. This can cause some issues with their joints.

Even though our cat (who is 15 now) is a healthy weight she still has some clicking in her paw joints. We have started giving her Glucosamine and it is helping. We are using this type of glucosamine for cats that you see below.

Are Ragdoll Cats Good to Have?

Yes, Ragdolls are good to have. In fact they are GREAT to have. They are loving, fun, cuddly and great house pets.