Motion Sensor Cat Water Fountain

You may have noticed your cat is more willing to drink from the tap or maybe even the toilet so why not from the water bowl? One of the most effective ways to entice your cat to drink water is to use a motion-sensor water fountain, let’s find out why this is and take a look at the best models on the market.

motion sensor cat water fountain

Motion Sensor Cat Water Fountain

Last updated on February 24th, 2023 at 08:13 pm

One of the biggest struggles for cat owners is finding a way to encourage their four-legged friends to drink enough water. It doesn’t seem to matter how often you fill their bowl with clean water, they just aren’t interested.

You may have noticed your cat is more willing to drink from the tap or maybe even the toilet so why not from the water bowl? One of the most effective ways to entice your cat to drink water is to use a motion-sensor water fountain, let’s find out why this is and take a look at the best models on the market.

Why Do Cats Prefer Running Water?

Generally, cats prefer to drink running water and there are many potential reasons for this. It can be linked back to natural instincts and the fact that in the wild, still, water is more likely to be contaminated and therefore isn’t always safe to drink. Another theory is that having to hunch over the bowl is putting them in a vulnerable position.

Your cat may not be drinking from their water bowl because running water simply has a better taste, after all, we wouldn’t like to drink water after it’s been sitting for hours. Whatever the reason, we need to find a solution as a dehydrated cat is prone to several health issues.

Health issues related to dehydration

Many pet owners who have invested in a water fountain have found their cat is drinking more than they used to. This is very important as there are several health issues associated with not drinking enough, these include; dehydration, kidney disease and heat stroke.

A water fountain, particularly one that is activated when your cat is close, is a very attractive water source and will encourage your cat to drink enough.

Motion Sensor Water Fountains

If your cat’s water bowl seems to be largely ignored and you are looking for a way to encourage your cat to drink, a water fountain triggered by a motion sensor is the way to go.

As your cat approaches or walks past the fountain it will circulate the water, filtering it and allowing it to flow. The movement and noise of the flowing water will help to get your cats attention and attract them to the fountain.

The water is fresher and cleaner thanks to the fountains filtration system which makes it more appealing and appetizing for your cat.

Cats also struggle with a bowl of still water as they find it difficult to perceive the depth of the water making them unsure how much water is in the bowl and where they should drink from, having running water takes away this problem completely as the moving water is far easier to see.

Top 3 Motion Sensor Cat Water Fountains

There are several motion-sensor water fountains available on the market so it can be difficult to determine which is the best for your cat. To help you differentiate between the options and weigh up the pros and cons, we have selected three of the top fountains available on Amazon.

ALNPet Pet Water Fountain

This water fountain has four modes allowing you to set it to flow continuously, flow when the motion sensor is activated, flow at regular intervals or it can be paused. This fountain provides a continuous supply of fresh water but instead of creating a stream or waterfall of some sort the water simply bubbles from the center of the machine creating ripples and movement.

The water is filtered via activated carbon which helps to keep the water fresh and continuously removes any bad tastes and odours. This fountain sits higher than traditional bowls which means your cat doesn’t have to crouch down as much to get to the water. Another benefit is that it is quiet and uses very little power to operate.


  • Sleek design
  • Flow options that allow you to choose the flow type that best works for your cat


  • The water is not dispensed from up high like other designs

SODIAL Cat Water Fountain

This fountain has a central stem that adds height to the fountain and gives the water flow more of a waterfall effect, making it a great option if your cat seems to prefer drinking from a tap. There are several spurts that release water from the stem and into the bowl so whether your cat prefers drinking from the waterfall or the bowl, they have the freedom to choose.

The charcoal activated filter removes toxins and bacteria from the water to keep it clean. The sensor turns on the fountain when your cat is nearby and the noise of the flowing water should get your cats attention. If the water level drops too low then the pump will stop and a red light will indicate the problem, this is a great additional feature particularly as the water level cannot be seen unless you lift the lid off the fountain.


  • Easy to clean & refill
  • Fountain creates flow and motion of water making it more enticing for your cat


  • The filter needs to be replaced every 2 weeks

KOBWA Automatic Pet Water Drinking Fountain

This fountain is USB charged and operates silently. The design is basic but creates both a shallow pan of water and a fountain flow. This gives your cat the option of drinking from the fresh and flowing bowl if they find it more comfortable or drinking from the gentle waterfall. Despite being basic, we like this design as it is the easiest to disassemble and give a thorough clean. It also does not need to be plugged in, it can be charged via USB and then can be placed wherever it is convenient rather than being positioned near a plug point.


  • Easier to clean than other designs
  • Safe & simple


  • Relatively low to the ground so may not be as appealing to some cats

Motion Sensor Water Fountain Summary

These three fountains each offer something slightly different so you can decide the option that is best suited depending on the preferences of your cat.

If your cat is more drawn to the flowing water of the tap then the SODIAL is a great option if you are looking for a higher-standing bowl that offers water movement but no waterfall or splashing then the ALNPet is a great option or if you want a simple design that offers the best of both worlds go for the KOBWA.

No matter which design you and your cat prefer, all of them have a key feature in common; the water on offer is filtered and flowing making it more appealing for your furry friend.