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Kill Bugs in Litter Box

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Bugs in the litter box. Something that no one wants, especially your cats. Often this problem can be solved quite easily, and this article will layout the 4 simple steps required to fix the problem for good.

Cat Health

Kill Bugs in Litter Box

Written by: Lucas James

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Kill Bugs In Litter Box [Forever] In 8 Easy Steps

Bugs in the litter box. Something that no one wants, especially your cats. Often this problem can be solved quite easily, and this article will layout the 4 simple steps required to fix the problem for good.

Bugs in the Litter Box – Quick Solution in 4 Simple Steps.

Here is a recap of the article for those in need of a quick solution. The rest of the article will outline the steps in more detail.

  • Step 1 – Clean and disinfect the litter – prepare it for fresh litter
  • Step 2 – Use the right litter type to re-fill the litter box
  • Step 3 – Give the bugs something else to go to
  • Step 4 – Keep the Litter box Clean

Step 1 – Empty and Clean the Litter Box

The biggest reason why you have bugs in your litter box is that bugs are attracted to smell and taste. The chemicals in the air attract the bugs and then they swarm to the litter box. They also lay their eggs in the decaying matter in the box, so it is critical that you start with a fresh clean litter box.

Empty out everything from the litter box and clean it, you can also use a litter box garbage can, specifically designed for this. Then you will need to disinfect the litter box.

We recommend using Vinegar and water to wash and disinfect the litter box. You may want to do this in the bathtub, or outside if you can. The vinegar or alcohol will kill the bugs or anything that is still attached after cleaning. This product can also help if you want something. premade that doesn’t have a smell.

It is important that you get rid of any larvae or eggs that could be in the litter box and kill any bugs…even the ones that you can’t. see. So clean it really thoughtfully.

Cleaning Steps

  • Empty the litter box of all litter and any chunks of poop or dried litter.
  • Clean the entire box with soap and water.
  • Mix 10 tablespoons of white vinegar with 1/2 gallon of water in a spray bottle.
  • If you don’t have white vinegar or hate the smell you can also us. alcohol as your mixture.
  • Spray the mixture onto the litter box and let it sit for 5+ minutes to soak in.
  • Wipe clean with a cloth

Step 2 – Refill the Litter Box with the Right Kind of Litter

The next step is to refill the litter box. If you have been using the wrong kind of litter that could be making the problem worse. often litter made from bio-degradable,  vegetable matter or grain matter like wheat, corn, pine, etc. can draw bugs like cockroaches too.

Organic material is a perfect spot for bugs to develop nests and create offspring. Even though we may want a certain kind of organic material for our cats, it is not a good idea because of the bug problem.

Use silica-based or clay-based litter for your cats, as this will not attract the bugs. Here are a couple of recommendations from our team.

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After you have filled the litter box with fresh litter it is important to think about placement for the litter box in your home. This comes down to two separate things. Number one you need it in a place that is good for the cats to access but keeps the smell away from your main living areas. Number 2 is that you want to keep the litter box away from the windows. Windows will help to create a situation where bugs will be more attracted to the litter.

Tip – You can use baking soda in the litter to help increase the life of the litter, and to help with moisture absorption and ongoing disinfectant. There is also this product on Amazon that you can use to spray the litter box before you add the fresh litter to help keep a barrier against bugs.

Step 3 – Give the Bugs Something Else to Go To

The reason that bugs are a problem in your litter box is that there is something in the litter box that the bugs want. They want to eat the organic material and then lay their eggs. After you have removed this from the litter box the deal should be done, but it is also a great idea to give the bugs something else to go to so they stay away from your litter box. Here are a couple of ideas.

Use a fly trap to attract the bugs and kill them.

In my basement sometimes we had a real struggle with fruit flies. This comes from other things like wine and plants in the house. The fruit flies would also get into the litter material if I wasn’t home to clean the litter. So I bought these and they work incredibly well.

Step 4 – Keep the Litter Box Clean

The last step in the process is to increase your litter box cleaning frequency if you are struggling with bugs. Some homes are better suited for bugs for whatever reason and this situation may lend itself to a bigger problem for you than others. The biggest reason that bugs are attracted to the litter box is that there is something in the litter box that they want. Our job becomes removing what they want, and then either giving them something else to get their attention or just leaving it and seeing in a clean litter box solves the problem.

We have another article on litter box garbage cans. These can help make the process easier by having a garbage right by the litter that also removes any stink and smell issues. Check it out. We also have a litter box smell hacks article that could help you keep your litter box smell-free.

5 Types Of Bugs In Litter Box That Make Your Cat Defecate Elsewhere

Cats are generally very clean animals. They do not like a mess and will often not use the litter box if it is too dirty or if it is full of bugs. Who can blame them? The problem with this is that as a homeowner and a pet owner, you need the cat to use the litter box and not the carpet.

Here are the most common bugs that you will find in the litter box that may be what is causing your cat to use the carpet or some other area of the home as a bathroom.

  • Fungus Gnats – little bugs that like decaying material
  • Fruit Flies – Small little flies that reproduce really quickly
  • House Flies – Eat and lay their eggs in poop
  • Phorid Flies
  • Maggots – from the flies


How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Litter Box?

Thankfully if you don’t want to spend any money and get this job done quickly the material you need is probably in your home already. You will need soap, water, a spray bottle and some vinegar.

Using the steps outlined above in the article, you can quickly clean out the litter box, disinfect it, refill it and distract the bugs and you should be fine. The only thing you might need to purchase is a different kind of litter.

Why Do You see Maggots In The Litter Box?

Maggots are larvae of flies. If you see maggots in a cat litter box, it means that the flies that laid eggs in the litter box have hatched.

These maggots feed on the organic waste in the litter till they turn adults. 

On top of that, silverfish, weevils, and mites also infest litter boxes if your home has them. 

Maggots can stick to your cat’s body, and your cat can transfer them in different places to your home. 

And once the maggots are all around inside your home, they can attract other bugs like roaches, centipedes, and ants that eat them. 

So, it’d be best if you keep your cat’s litter box free from these bugs.