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Grey Ragdoll Cat

Ragdoll Types

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Can a ragdoll cat be grey? Yes, a Ragdoll cat can be grey. Most fancy cat people will refer to the grey ragdoll as a blue ragdoll, and technically speaking …

Ragdoll Types

Grey Ragdoll Cat

Written by: Lucas James

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Can a ragdoll cat be grey?

Yes, a Ragdoll cat can be grey. Most fancy cat people will refer to the grey ragdoll as a blue ragdoll, and technically speaking that’s what they are when they are registered. The grey ragdoll cat is dilute of the stronger colours seal and chocolate.

Blue Ragdolls may come in various patterns, such as Blue Colorpoint, Blue Tortie, Blue Lynx Colorpoint, Blue Lynx Bicolor, or Blue Lynx Mitted.

Grey ragdoll cats (blue) have all of the amazing temperaments that all of the other colours of ragdolls have, and what you will find is that colour generally has little to do with personality.

The grey-blue colour, however, will really make those ragdoll cat blue eyes POP. As you can see from the pictures above they are quite pretty animals.

They are also quite popular. Seals are generally the most popular amongst pet owners, but greys/blues are a close second. If you are interested in getting a new rag you can check out our prices page to see the range you can expect to pay.

How would you describe a grey ragdoll cat?

Generally, grey ragdolls have a bluish-white, cold in tone, shading gradually to white toward the stomach and chest.

  • They have deep blue/grey points.
  • Eye colour: blue.
  • Nose leather and paw pads: slate-coloured, as applicable (see specific pattern).
  • Genetic code blue colour = BB or Bb and always two dilute gens = dd.

Grey and White Ragdoll Cat

Generally speaking, we are talking about the same kinda cat. It’s a grey-blue colour and it’s either on the points or on the body. But typically most ragdolls that are grey and white will fall into this category.

What are the specific patterns of Grey Ragdolls?

  • Blue COLOURPOINT. This term refers to the pattern of your RagdollColourpoint Ragdolls will have darker colours on their points. The points are the ears, face, legs, feet and tail. The cat’s body colour is usually lighter than its point colour, and will often be a mix of white and the colour point. Sometimes the body colour will get darker, but generally, it is lighter.
  • Blue MITTED. Both of my ragdoll cats are somewhat mitted although they are seal, not grey. They are a little strange. Generally, mitted means that they have WHITE (mitted) paws and a white chin (which is where my girls differ). This generally means that they do not show quality. So a blue mitted will have blue on the face and legs and a white chin and white paws.
  • Blue TORTIE. A tortie ragdoll has splashes of blue colour on its face and body. The body is mostly cream-coloured or white.
  • Blue BICOLOUR. Bicolour means two colours, so there will be blue and another one of the ragdoll colour. Bicolour ragdolls will have a white inverted V on the face with a pink nose. They have white legs, and a white underside and the second colour is on the ears, tail, and nose and a paler colour in a “saddle-like pattern” on their back.

How Do I Identify a Ragdoll Cat?

The biggest sign that you have a ragdoll is the colouring and the eyes. Ragdolls have specific colours and mixes of mitts and points that make them so striking. They will always have blue eyes. You can refer to our black ragdoll page to see about ragdolls that don’t have blue eyes, and are black in colour.

They are technically not considered ragdolls but they look exactly like them.

Grey Ragdoll cat