Written by: Lucas James

Free Kitten Starter Kit Canada

Cat Products

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There are a couple of programs in Canada that will give you a free kitten starter kit. One of them is Royal Canin and you can visit their page here

Cat Products

Free Kitten Starter Kit Canada

Written by: Lucas James

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There are a couple of programs in Canada that will give you a free kitten starter kit. One of them is Royal Canin and you can visit their page here

The FREE Royal Canin Puppy or Kitten Kit will include:

  • Puppy or Kitten Care Guide and Tips
  • Puppy or Kitten Food Sample
  • $10 Off Puppy or Kitten Food Coupon
  • Pet Collar Tags
  • Vet Info Magnet

Canadian Tire also has a cheap one for 13 dollars.

Purina has one – Here

Below is a list of things that you need, and the best places to get them. Enjoy.

Things to Buy For a Cat

Ok so most of us know about the essential items that a cat needs, like food and litter. However first-time cat owners and even some seasoned cat owners wonder what other items they will need for their cats.

When it comes to litter and food we have a number of other articles about those specific things because they are so important for the owner of a cat. You can check these out here…

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The Essential Things to Buy for a Cat

Everyone loves cats. If you don’t have a cat but are thinking about getting one, it’s a good decision. Cats are fuzzy, friendly, and the most popular house pet across the globe. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t had a cat in the house at some point in their life. For a new cat owner, you may be wondering what the essentials are for owning a cat.

There are a few key things you’re going to need. Food, a litter box, toys, treats – you name it. Here we have put together a list of the most important things to buy before adopting an adorable cat. 

Food and Water Dishes

Cats have to eat, right? They have to drink too. You can’t just bring a cat into the house and then throw its food onto the floor and make it drink out of the toilet. That simply won’t do. You need to make sure you have the food and water dishes ready for when the cat arrives.

These can be plastic, glass, a metal bowl with pink paw prints stamped on it. There are literally millions of options for cat dishes. You can find a wide selection at any pet supply store. Alternatively, check out the dollar store for cheap food and water dishes. The dollar store is a great source for affordable pet supplies.

Free Kitten Starter Kit Canada

Cat Toys

Cats are high energy. They love to play, roll around on the floor, and attack anything that moves. You have oodles of choices with cat toys. The most popular is the fishing line, the dangly string with a fake mouse on the end that you can dangle over the cat, enticing it to attack just as you swipe it out of the way. There are also automatic cat toys, the classic fabric mice filled with catnip, or even just a feather. Go nuts on toys and stay entertained for hours. 

Cat Tree

Cat trees do more than scream to the world, “I love cats!” Cat trees are the cat’s place of refuge when the stress of lazing around the house becomes too much. Cats love to be up high. It gives them a vantage and a sense of security. Make sure you get your cat a nice tree that has a bed on the top where they can lounge in peace. Quality cat trees will also double as scratching posts with carpet and rope on the legs, that way your cat can scratch in freedom before leaping up to their safe spot.

Cat Carrier

Cat carriers are a necessity for one good reason. You can’t transport your cat without one. Imagine carrying an energetic ball of fur and claws into the vet’s office. It’s just not going to happen. A quality carrier with tough plastic walls and a secure gate is important if you are bringing your cat anywhere. The gate is important because cats like to look outside and see what’s going on. Don’t try to transport your cat in a flimsy cardboard box. It’s rude to the cat and unreliable. Also, a cat carrier is your only hope of getting a cat on an airplane.

Grooming Tools

A comb, a brush, and nail clippers are critical items in cat ownership. The comb and brush give you a chance to bond with your new cat, sitting down to brush out all that shedding hair while they purr peacefully on your lap.

If you give them regular brushing, there is going to be a lot less chunks of fur all over the couch. Plus, less hairballs. Nail clippers are important to learn how to use properly so that you don’t hurt the cat when trimming their claws. It is also useful to begin cutting their claws early on. Get them used to the process so they don’t freak out every time.

free kitten starter kit Canada…do you want one?

Litter Box and Cat Litter

These are pretty obvious. If your cat is living in your house, it needs a nice place to do its business. These are arguably the most expensive items. Sure, you can use a cheap rectangular bowl of plastic and second-hand litter for your cat to go in, but the whole house is going to stink real quick. The cat doesn’t care for that cheap stuff anyway. Cats are regal animals.

We recommend you get your cat a litter box that they will grow up using, giving them lots of space as they move from kitten to adult. Plus, it’s just nicer for the cat to do their business in a larger area. They like to flick their cat litter all over the place. The deal with this is that you can literally spend a fortune on a litter box, and that isn’t necessary. Something big enough for a civilized cat, probably with a lid and an easy carrying candle (the lid will stifle the stench), and easy clips on the side for changing time.

For litter, go with something plant-based. Gone are the old days of that chalky, dusty, grotesque cat litter that seemed to hang in the air when you changed the litter box. Now you can buy sophisticated plant-based litter that is cleaner for everybody, especially the cat. They have to breathe that stuff in on a daily basis.

Additionally, you may want to consider getting a special litter can. There are some you can buy online that are very clean and affordable, which stand beside the litter box so that you simply take your pooper scooper and dump the poop straight into the box, litter and everything. These special litter garbage cans are going to keep the smell out of your house and keep your hands clean.

the free kitten starter kit Canada is looking good.

A litter mat is a good idea for outside the litter box. It’s like a welcome mat at the front door for mud… only for excess litter and other nastiness. It will help keep your floors clean. Nobody likes walking barefoot through a scattering of used litter.