dog proof litter boxes

Dog Proof Litter Box

Dog Proof Litter Box Dogs are absolutely disgusting. There is no denying it. And while dogs are well-known for eating their own poop, they will … Read more

Best Toys For Ragdoll Cats

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Best Toys for Ragdoll Cats

Best Toys for Ragdoll Cats Ragdoll cats are well-loved for their cuddly and playful nature. For this reason, it is important that you are able … Read more

Best Cat Shampoo for Dander

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Best Cat Shampoo for Dander

What is the Best Cat shampoo for Dander Are you looking for the best cat shampoo for dander? A lot of people probably don’t realize … Read more

free kitten starter kit in Canada

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Free Kitten Starter Kit Canada

There are a couple of programs in Canada that will give you a free kitten starter kit. One of them is Royal Canin and you can visit their page here

best trash can for litter boxes

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Best Trash Can for Cat Litter

Cats are the best. Anyone who wants to argue was obviously raised by wolves. We all love cats. We love them in our homes, on our couches, purring on our laps, and sleeping on our pillows. Cats are the best! The only downside to owning a cat friend, especially if they are an indoor cat – even more so if you live in a small apartment or cramped housing situation – is the kitty waste.

cowboy magic for cats

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Cowboy Magic For Cats

Many people have asked if Cowboy Magic is ok for cats…and I am happy to say that it is. You just need to make sure that you rinse thoroughly because your cat will lick the spot that gets wet. Here is some further information about it.