can cats get colds

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Can Cats Get Colds

All you need to Know about Cat Colds Are you wondering can cats get colds? The short answer is yes, cats can get colds. Just … Read more

why do cats like bleach

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Why Do Cats Like Bleach?

If you’ve ever cleaned up with bleach and noticed your cat acting exceptionally unusual, you’re not the only one. Cats are often spotted acting crazy in the presence of bleach. They sniff, rub, and roll all across any surface that’s emitting the stench of bleach, even if it’s only faint.

Cat Making Clicking Sound why do Cats Chatter

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Cat Making Clicking Sound why do Cats Chatter?

Sometimes the cat makes the clicking sound with its mouth. This is known as chattering, and it is usually while the cat is intensely focused on something. Their wiskers are usually pulled in front of their mouth and their jaws will vibrate quickly. As you can imagine this isn’t regular behaviour, and it might even scare you a little bit, or at very least make you curious.

why do cats like fish

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Why do Cats like Fish?

Believe it or not, it’s all about the smell. Cats like fish because they like the smell of fish. And that really makes sense if you think about it, considering that a fishy odour is one of the strongest odours out there. When you’re cooking fish, no other smell is quite so potent. 

House Plants Poisonous To Cats

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House Plants Poisonous To Cats

Believe it or not, things like flowers and spiny plants aren’t the only things that can be dangerous to cats. Even vegetables and herbs can make your cat sick or cause them serious discomfort. And if you don’t research a plant before you buy it, you could end up putting your cat in grave danger. 

can cats taste spicy

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Can Cats Taste Spicy

Can cats taste spicy food? This is a question that every cat owner has probably asked themselves at some point in time. The truth is that even though cats are apex predators that have evolved over millions of years to have finely tuned senses, they can’t actually taste very well. Taste is the one major weakness when it comes to cats. 

why does my cat lick me when I pet him

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Why Does My Cat Lick Me When I Pet Him

Have you ever been petting your cat peacefully, then it aggressively grabs hold of your hand and starts to lick you? If so, you have probably wondered, “Why does my cat lick me when I pet him?” And you’re not the only person to have wondered this. It’s a common question with cat owners, and the truth is far more complicated than you might think. 

can cats eat raw chicken

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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken

Can cats eat raw chicken? The short answer is yes, cats can eat raw chicken. However the entire story is a little more complicated than that, but if your cat got some that you dropped on the floor or otherwise it should be ok.

do male cats have nipples

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Do Male Cats Have Nipples

This may seem like a totally ridiculous question, but a lot of people don’t know whether male cats have nipples or not. Well, we are here to set the record straight once and for all! Just like humans, yes male cats have nipples. When little cat babies are developing inside the stomach of their mother, they look pretty much identical. And so, just like humans, males and females are both born with nipples.

ideal room temperature for cats

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Ideal Room Temperature For Cats in Winter

I live in Canada, and as you can imagine it gets cold here. In fact, we have some of the craziest weather on both sides of the coin. It can get up to +40 degrees Celcius (around 105 Fahrenheit) and as cold as -40 degrees Celcius (around -40 Fahrenheit). So what is the ideal room temperature for cats in winter, well it’s not the temperature outside in Canada that is for sure.