Can Cats Have Oat Milk

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Can Cats Have Oat Milk

Yes, your cat can drink oat milk, just like we humans can! However, it is important that you only give your cat oat milk in moderation, as it is a special treat. Too much can make them sick or cause digestive issues.

dog proof litter boxes

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Dog Proof Litter Box

Dog Proof Litter Box Dogs are absolutely disgusting. There is no denying it. And while dogs are well-known for eating their own poop, they will … Read more

can cats eat dog food

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Can Cats Eat Dog Food

An occasional or accidental food swap is not a big deal, but continuously giving canine food to your feline is not allowed at all. Doing this for too long can cause dietary restrictions in your cat.

_ Can cats eat rotisserie chicken

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Can Cats Eat Rotisserie Chicken?

Generally speaking, no, your cat should not eat rotisserie chicken. There are several ingredients here that can be harmful, so it is better to be safe rather than sorry. However, plain boiled chicken is a suitable alternative that you can give to your cat! Read on to find out more. 

domestic long haird cat vs a maine coon

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Domestic Long Hair vs Maine Coon

When you are choosing a cat for your home, it is of course very important to find one that will be a good fit for the environment, your lifestyle, and your family. Below, we go over some of the differences between Maine Coon cats and domestic longhair cats– many people consider them to be interchangeable, or have trouble telling them apart, but they are two different breeds!

kill bugs in litter box

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Kill Bugs in Litter Box

Bugs in the litter box. Something that no one wants, especially your cats. Often this problem can be solved quite easily, and this article will layout the 4 simple steps required to fix the problem for good.

new puppy checklist

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A New Puppy Checklist – How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Puppy

Owners of Ragdoll cats will know that these majestic animals are some of the best pets to have. They make excellent companions for any size family with their lovely docile demeanour. They are known to be bigger than other cats, and they have semi-long hair that makes them seem extra fluffy. Overall, these cats are gorgeous and possibly one of the many reasons their owners chose them.

euthanizing a cat

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Euthanizing a Cat

But cats don’t live as long as humans, and often need euthanasia (a gentle and easy death), it certainly isn’t something any cat owner wants to consider or think about but it is a responsibility of pet ownership and something we need to consider.

Litter box smell hacks

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Litter Box Smell Hacks

It simply involves more frequent cleaning, along with certain add-ins such as deodorizers. This is not a one size fits all prescription, however– you may have to go through some trial and error to find out which solution, or which combination of solutions, works best for you and your pet.