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Can Cats Eat Canned Chicken?

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Can Cats Eat Canned Chicken? When you are opening up a can of chicken, your cat may come running to the kitchen to ask for some. It seems harmless enough, …

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Can Cats Eat Canned Chicken?

Written by: Lucas James

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Can Cats Eat Canned Chicken?

When you are opening up a can of chicken, your cat may come running to the kitchen to ask for some. It seems harmless enough, but you may be unsure of whether or not your cat can actually eat cooked chicken without getting sick.

It’s always important to do your research before sharing food with your pet that is not a part of their daily diet. In general, yes, cats can eat canned chicken or rotisserie chicken and raw chicken, although raw chicken should be avoided for other reasons.

Read on to learn more about giving your cat canned chicken, as well as instructions on how to administer it! 

Is Canned Chicken ok?

As was briefly mentioned above, cats can eat canned chicken. However, this is a blanket statement, and may not be wise if you have a cat who has digestive issues or allergies already.

Otherwise, though, a bit of canned chicken can be a nice treat for your cat and can even be a healthy addition to their diet! After all, cats are carnivores and need meat to stay strong and healthy. Canned chicken can be a source of protein and other nutrients for your cat. Plus, it is delicious and they will enjoy it, too! 

When Feeding Your Cat Canned Chicken

If you have decided to give your cat canned chicken, there are still a couple of things to be aware of. For example, not all brands of canned chicken will be smart choices. You should look at the nutrition facts and the ingredients list before spooning any out for your cat.

Canned chicken high in sodium or with spices or flavorings could easily make your cat sick. You want to find a brand that is plain and also low in sodium.

Another thing to remember is how much canned chicken you are giving to your cat. Canned chicken is delicious and may seem like a healthy enough option, but you should not try and give it to your cat as a meal!

No, canned chicken should only be given to your cat in small amounts and as a treat, or as a supplement to their meal. For example, a scoop of canned chicken on top of their dry food can really spice up their meal. 

When to Avoid Feeding Your Cat Canned Chicken

There are also some situations where you will want to forgo the canned chicken, much to the disappointment of your feline friend. We did go over some of these previously in this article, too.

The major reason you will want to avoid giving your cat canned chicken is if the canned chicken you are contemplating has a lot of sodium or any spices. Both can make your cat very sick, and it is not worth the risk!

In addition, you may have a cat that is on a strict diet, trying to lose weight, or has health issues. All of these are reasons why you may need to skip the canned chicken and stick to their regular diet instead. If you still do want to give your cat canned chicken in these cases, you should discuss it with your vet first. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is canned chicken breast okay for cats?

Canned chicken breast may seem like an easy thing to feed your cat, and after all, cats eat canned food, and they eat chicken, too! You may wonder if this is something that you can safely feed your feline friend.

While you can feed your cat canned chicken, you should be sure that you are doing so as a special treat, rather than as a meal replacement. Canned chicken should only be used to supplement your cat’s diet.

You should also take a look at the sodium content of the canned chicken to make sure it is not too salty, as this can be unhealthy for your cat if so. 

What canned foods can cats eat?

Cats eat canned cat food, but there are also some kinds of canned ingredients or canned human foods that you can share with your pet cat, too.

As mentioned before, your cat can of course have canned cat food— unless your vet has removed it from their diet for health reasons. Some of the other canned foods that cats can eat include vegetables such as carrots, peas, broccoli, green beans, and asparagus.

Of course, it is important to be sure that there are no additives or flavorings like spices or salt that can be unhealthy for your cat. Your feline friend should also only be given these in small amounts.

Is it safe for cats to eat Canned Food?

Many people feel that canned food is not as fresh as regular versions of the same food, nor is it as healthy. It is true that many canned foods are high in sodium and can therefore be unhealthy.

You may winder, then, if it is safe to give your cat canned food. When it comes to canned cat food, yes, it is safe for your cat to eat. Canned food usually has a high meat content and low carbs.

Of course, there will be certain circumstances where canned cat food is not recommended for a certain cat, usually due to health issues or complications— but in general, canned cat food is safe for your pet to eat. If you are concerned, you can discuss it with your vet first!

Is cooked chicken OK for cats?

Our feline friends need meat to stay healthy, and your cat may end up interested in the chicken you are cooking. Before you share, though, you may wonder if it will make your pet sick. While raw chicken could cause your cat to become sick, cooked chicken meat should be just fine!

You will want to be sure, however, that you are not giving your cat chicken that has been seasoned or marinated, for example. Stick to giving them plain cooked chicken so that you do not make them sick with any flavorings or additives. A little bit of plain chicken meat can actually be very healthy for your cat!