Written by: Lucas James

Black Ragdoll Cat – The Mystery Unveiled

Ragdoll Types

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Black Ragdoll Cat A Black Ragdoll cat, a controversial subject, even here at the Ragdoll Congress is can Ragdolls be black? If you are looking for a Ragdoll, without a …

Ragdoll Types

Black Ragdoll Cat – The Mystery Unveiled

Written by: Lucas James

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Black Ragdoll Cat

A Black Ragdoll cat, a controversial subject, even here at the Ragdoll Congress is can Ragdolls be black?

If you are looking for a Ragdoll, without a doubt you have noticed that most of them are white with some kind of marking on top of that known as their pattern or coat colour. You have probably also noticed that they all have blue eyes.

You can’t miss them.

And during your research, you may have also come across the black variation, and wondered to yourself, “Is that a real Ragdoll, or just a look-a-like?”

What is a Black Ragdoll Cat?

Simply put a Black Ragdoll Cat is a Ragdoll that is black, usually all over its body, with only small or medium-sized white markings. Usually, these cats have yellow eyes, although sometimes they can be brown or blue. These cats will look exactly like a Ragdoll and actually be part Ragdoll, but unfortunately, they are not considered purebred currently under the international association guidelines.

Black Ragdolls are also referred to as solid Ragdolls, usually because of the lack of points on their coat. This means they are one solid colour, and solid Ragdolls are not always black. There are also solid Ragdolls that are white, blue and lilac.

They retain all of the usual markings, however, like their large size, silky coat and unique personality. What they lack it the traditional Ragdoll markings, notably their eyes, ears, tails and feet.

Can Black Ragdolls Be Bi-Coloured?

Yes, as a further layer of complexity, black Ragdolls can also be bicoloured. The most common solid colours of Ragdolls are black and white. but you can also get a mixture.

Why Are Black Ragdolls Controversial?

The controversy around Black Ragdolls is centred in the acceptance by official competitions and breeding associations. Even though the number of solid Ragdoll breeders is going up, they are still not allowed to compete in the cat shows. They are also not fully supported when it comes to breeding. They can be sold as breeders, but it is still a bit of an uphill climb.

The other side of the coin, however, is that when the original Ragdolls were bred, solid colour cats were included in the breeding it is also important to know that these two solid colours were not registered, the pointed cats were. And so that creates a little controversy.

As of now, the TICA (International Cat Association) says that non-pointed Ragdolls can only be shown as household pets in the cat show or competitions, they cannot will points or have any official part.

They can however be sold as breeders, even though some frown on that.

Black Ragdolls as Breeders

Solid or Black (non-pointed) Ragdoll cats have a fork in the road when it comes to breeding, especially as we move forward. Solid Ragdolls have the gene for points, even though they don’t show the points themselves. So when you breed them you may often get pointed kittens. You can also get solid kittens. Even if you breed two solid cats, you still have a good chance of getting pointed kittens.

You can use a black ragdoll as a breeder, you just have to know the risks and rewards.

Black Ragdoll Cat FAQ

Can Ragdoll Cats Be Black?

So, can Ragdoll Cats be black? Yes, Ragdoll Cats can be black, and yes they are great cats with all kinds of personalities. You just have to be aware of what you are allowed to do when it comes to showing. If that is not a concern to you, then it won’t really matter. If you are looking for a great pet cat and black or solid is your style, then this might be the cat for you.

You could also adopt a cat, a breeder even a black breeder and go in that direction as well. You should look for a black Ragdoll breeder to get your cat, breeders are usually the best when it comes to health, nutrition and care for the cats.

You can also get a DNA test to make sure that your cat has the right genes.

Black Ragdoll Cat Price?

Often times people are surprised at how much ragdoll cats cost. They are definitely a designer breed and because of that come with a little higher price tag. They are also VERY popular so the demand remains high.

When it comes to a black Ragdoll however you should be able to find one cheaper than a standard Ragdoll because they are not technically purebred. It will depend greatly on who the breeder is, how the kittens are acquired and other circumstances, but prices should be lower.