Written by: Lucas James

Best Cat Carrier Litter Box Combo

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More and more people are travelling with their cat, or wanting to.  There are a couple of key considerations when it comes to travelling with cats.  One of the most important is their litter box requirements. Check out these cat carrier litter box combos.

Best Of, Cat Products, Travelling with cats

Best Cat Carrier Litter Box Combo

Written by: Lucas James

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Cat Carrier Litter Box Combo

So you wanna travel with your cat? You need a Cat carrier litter box combo!!

More and more people are travelling with their cat, or wanting to.  There are a couple of key considerations when it comes to travelling with cats.  One of the most important is their litter box requirements. Check out these cat carrier litter box combos.

Cat carrier litter box combo’s typically come in two different formations. 

  • First is an all in one system.  
  • The second is a hybrid system.  Here you purchase the cat/pet carrier with the intention of placing a travel style litter box system inside the carrier. 

Both of these systems work, but there are good ones and not so good.

Let’s jump right in… 

Here is the top four we recommend…

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Travelling with Cats

Just the thought of travelling with your cat could be daunting.  But sometimes cats get lonely when they are alone too much and also need to be with you.  

Dogs seem to be a little easier to travel with, cats can be difficult.  My Maya hid under the dresser for a week when we moved into where we are now.  With a bit of preparation, however, and the right equipment, the journey can go smoothly. 

You may be wondering what the best way to transport your feline friend will be so they won’t miss out on the family fun.  Whatever your travel plans are, whether you are moving away or going on a road trip, you can have a great experience with the right gear.  We are going to take a look at the best cat carrier litter box combo and help your cat love travelling as much as you do. 

cat carrier litter box combo

What is a Cat Carrier Litter Box Combo?

Combo carriers are larger and more suited to travelling. As you will be spending a relatively long time travelling, your cat needs to be able to move around, lie down and feel comfortable within the carrier. The extra space and additional freedom provided by a combo carrier will help your cat feel more settled throughout the journey. 

These carriers either include a litter box or are large enough to easily fit a litter box in.  This allows your cat to do their business when it is necessary; reducing stress, discomfort and anxiety. On top of this, you won’t have to worry and constantly pull over to let your cat out in a bid to avoid accidents in the car.

You can relax and so can your cat.

The built-in litter box offers a clean, odourless and often necessary solution when long-distance travelling. Let’s take a look at why you may want a cat carrier litter box combo and find out more about the top 5 on the market.

Advantages of a Combo Carrier

  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient
  • Perfect for going in the back of cars

Disadvantages of a Combo Carrier

  • The litter box will spill if the design is weak
  • Often larger making them difficult/ more awkward to carry
  • Depending on the design, some combo carriers are not suitable for carrying at all due to a lack of support structure underneath. This means they can only be used within the vehicle.

Top 5 Combo Carriers

Below are the Top 5 Combo Carriers available on Amazon. Each has something slightly different to offer but they are all excellent travel options.  These amazing cat carriers work great for your ragdoll cats that are seal point.  

CheeringPet Cat Travel Cage

This portable, pop up travel crate is spacious, durable and lightweight. It comes with a portable litterbox that is held in place within the carrier via Velcro.  This means there’s no need to worry about the litterbox moving or spilling while on bumpy roads. This set also comes with a food bowl that is secured by Velcro too so your cat can have everything they need while on the journey. When not in use, the crate can be folded down flat and compactly stored away. Two of the sides are meshed to allow ventilation and natural light and the carrier can be secured within your car with ease using your car seatbelt.


  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth.
  • Compact & lightweight: folds away after use and weighs just 4lb.
  • Comfortable & Spacious: this carrier gives enough space for 2 cats if needed and also comes with a mat and 2 toys.


  • Due to the lack of structural support on the bottom of this carrier, it is not ideal if you plan on carrying your cat anywhere in it (although it is fine for short distances e.g. from the house to the car).
  • There are no instructions on how to fold the carrier away so this may take a couple of attempts to figure out

Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Cat Cage

This cat cage is large enough for up to two cats and has enough space for your cats to lie down, move around and even play. The set comes with a portable litter box, a collapsible water/ food bowl, a reversible floor pad and a toy. The cage has two handles on the top and the mesh sides have roll down shades if necessary. The design makes it quick and easy to put up or fold away and it is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The set comes with a litter box that fits well in the cage, leaving plenty of extra room for your cat to get comfortable. For additional safety, there are built-in seat belt straps for use during car journeys. 


  • Easy to set up and put away
  • Large size suitable for 2 cats
  • Complete set of everything you will need for the journey


  • This is not a particularly sturdy carrier, you should not pick up and carry with a cat(s) inside.  
  • The front zipper design makes it particularly easy for clever and very active cats to escape.

Necoichi Portable Stress-Free Cat Cage

Sometimes you just need a little more room. If your like me and you have multiple cats then you are also thinking about getting something big enough for more than one cat. My two cats are not the best of friends but this cat cage is big enough for the two of them.

It also has enough room for a litter box system, and other features as well. Get it on Amazon today!

  • Pops up in seconds to turn any space into a safe, comfy place for your cat. It can be used as 1. Travelling. Happy cats make for happy travel! 2. Emergency, hurricane, disaster escape 3. A private room for a cat(s) 4. An escape from the stresses of moving, having guests over, and cleaning
  • Dimensions Built : 20 x 20 x 31.8 inches Folded (circle shape): 14 x 14 x 4.5 inches Entrance: Front 13.7 13.7 inches, Side 24.4 x 11.8 inches
  • Roll up-large mesh panels for maximum ventilation and visibility-Zipper locks will prevent cat from escaping outside, safe and reliable.
  • Comes with easy-to-clean double-sided, removable waterproof fleece mat and storage bag(Big enough to put both portable cage and Necoichi Portable Cat Litter Box sold separately)
    Large enough to easily fit two cats with a travel litter box (Portable Cat Litter Box sold separately) Carrying bag included

Coopeter Pet Large Kennel

Cabinet Furniture for Cat,Cat Cage,Condo with Portable Litter Boxes, Collapsible Kennel, Litter Box enclosures
  • ★REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCTS:"Coopeter Cat Outhouse", it is a revolutionary design and idea and helps with the mess of litter getting tracked out of the box. It also is nice for concealing the unsightly litter box and the litter that is always scattered on your tile flooring. It also is a fantastic way to keep the cat box area clean.
  • ★EASY TO USE:This product is so convenient and easy to set up and clean, not only for home use, but also for cars, hotel rooms, campers and when visiting. The size is 26.4”X17.7”X21.5”, it provide enough space for cats to move freely.
  • ★RICH AND PRACTICAL ACCESSORIES:1.EVA Litter Mat(24.8”X16.9”X0.78”):Double-layer honeycomb design helps you gather the litter. You just pick up the mat and all the litter falls through and then dump it back in the litter box make it recycling. Easy to clean and be dry. 2.Litter Box(16.6”X9.1”X5.3”)It is sturdy and durable. The smooth inner surface makes it very easy to clean. 3.Litter Scoops:There are many colors, one random included.
  • ★HUMANIZATION DESIGN:Has ventilation near the top to keep litter box smells from piling up and allows some light in. Open the zipper on the right, easy access for scooping. There's a pocket on the left, can store garbage bags and litter scoops.
  • ★NO RISK PURCHASE: We are a quality company that focuses on the customer experience. Buy with utmost confidence. If for any reason you aren’t happy, simply contact us and we will refund the product for you. 100 percent without risk. Zero hassles, zero waits. Add to Cart now and join thousands of satisfied pet owners worldwide.

Catit Multi-functional Carrier

This carrier is made of sturdy, hard plastic and is spacious enough to put your cat as well as a litter tray. It is easy to carry thanks to the handle and is both strong and safe. The carrier comes with a 5-year warranty.  The designers state it meets airline regulations making it suitable for airline travel. The front door is able to hold a food and water bowl which is a really nice touch. There is also has a top hatch so you can get your cat in and out with ease. Overall, this design is not as luxurious as the pop-up carriers but it is very sturdy and spacious.


  • Safe, sturdy and practical.
  • Has a front door and a top door to make it easier to place your cat inside.
  • Great option for people who have cats that are likely to scratch mesh and flimsier materials as this is made of hard plastic.


  • Does not come with a litter tray.
  • There has been some dispute about whether this is actually airline approved so if you are planning a trip via plane double check with the airline.

2-in-1 Double Pet Shelter

This spacious shelter can be used as one large space or can be divided into two by simply zipping up the center zipper. Using this as one large space gives it enough room to fit a litter tray in with no problem whatsoever. Your cat will have lots of space and you can even opt to include a hammock for your cat too. The multiple entrances make it very easy to move your cat in and out. When not in use, this carrier can be folded away and comes with a carry case for easy transport. Due to the large size, you’ll need to 2 people to carry this carrier in and out of the car.


  • Spacious and well ventilated.
  • Ideal for long journeys.
  • Perfect for travelling with more than one cat, especially if you want to keep them close but not in the same carrier (close the middle zip and they will be separate).


  • Too large for one person to carry.
  • The zippers are easy to push and move to allow the cat to escape with little effort.

Is it Necessary to Have a Litter Box within the Carrier?

For long journeys, it is very beneficial to have a litter box within the carrier with your cat. This is the best way to avoid ‘accidents’ and keep your cat clean and relaxed for the whole journey. The carriers we have reviewed above are able to house a litter box without compromising the space or comfort of your cat.  This is something that is not possible with standard carriers due to the lack of space. Generally, these carriers are large in size.  Some brands offer a range of sizes to choose from so you can be sure the carrier is suitable for your breed of cat. The extra room and ventilation that is provided within these carriers will also help your cat to relax and feel less stressed about the journey as cats do not like to feel cooped up or trapped.

Choosing the Right Carrier for Your Cat

As you can see, there are multiple carrier options available, each with its own pros and cons. Not all of the carriers we reviewed hold a litter box inside.  Most of them have it as a possibility, even if this means buying a litter tray separately. The only one that would not be suitable to put a litter tray inside is the all-in-one cat carrier which comes with a useful litter tray storage compartment. In spite of this, the carrier does have other benefits and is a great option for shorter journeys. The right carrier for your cat will really depend on the length of the journey and the nature of your cat.

If your cat tends to scratch the sides of crates then fabric or a pop-up crate will not be the best option because it would not take much for your cat to scratch through the mesh and escape, so a hard plastic carrier may be a better option. Hard plastic carriers are easier to clean, sturdy and support the weight of the cat inside when you pick up and move the carrier around so if you are planning to carry your cat a fair bit it may be more suitable.

Cat carrier litter box combo

If your cat is relaxed within crates and you want to give them a well ventilated and generously sized space then the pop-up options are fantastic. They provide plenty of space and high levels of comfort while still being manageable in terms of lifting and moving the carrier. These are perfect for putting across the backseat of a car and seatbelt straps allow you to secure the carrier in place too.

When choosing a carrier you need to consider what features you would most benefit from.  This is a very useful way of narrowing down the selection.  Do you need additional features such as Velcro to secure the litter box in place?  Or do you need multiple openings to make it easier to enter and exit your cat? 

Tips for Traveling with a Cat

Cats do not like any changes to their routine.   Many times they take time to adjust to new things.  Therefore, travelling may be a tough topic. However, if you follow these tips and tricks your cat will be just as comfortable in the car as you are:

  • Before you hit the road, it is important that your cat feels comfortable in the carrier.  It needs to know it is a safe place. The best thing to do is have the carrier open in your home for at least a few days before you leave to give your cat a chance to investigate it and get comfortable with it.
  • Equally, introducing your cat to the car (outside of the carrier) before you get going gives them a chance to investigate, see there are no other animals around, rub their scent on the seats and ultimately, make it their territory something that will help them to feel more relaxed during the journey.
  • When your cat is used to the carrier and the car, travelling will be less stressful.
  • Keep your cat inside the carrier at all times when travelling via car.  This is for your safety as well as the safety of your cat. Having them within the carrier and ideally, the carrier attached to the car’s backseat via a seatbelt will help to keep your cat safe in the event of an accident or sudden braking etc.
  • Always make sure your cat is wearing a collar and ID tag.
  • Don’t forget to bring water and food with you for the journey.

Cat Combo Carrier Summary

We hope this has helped you decide what kind of carrier you would like to use for your journey. There are definitely more advantages to combo carriers than disadvantages.  However, it really depends on what you are looking for from a carrier.

Extra space, a litter box and good ventilation go a long way with making your cat feel more at home. Trust us when we say that travelling with a ragdoll cat does not have to be stressful.