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Best Brush for Long Hair Cats

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Does your cat need some grooming? Mine certainly do, both of my ragdoll cats need regular brushing. So what is the best brush for cats that have long hair? Quick …

Best Of, Cat Products

Best Brush for Long Hair Cats

Written by: Lucas James

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Does your cat need some grooming? Mine certainly do, both of my ragdoll cats need regular brushing.

So what is the best brush for cats that have long hair?

Quick links and a quick cat brush table.

Here is our recommendations in a table format for you if you are in a hurry. Check these out and you will not be disappointed. Below we have further information and reviews on each product if you need to know more.

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What kind of Brush do you Use on a Long Haired Cat?

Long-haired cats are a little different than short-haired cats. Especially when it comes to grooming. Long-haired cats will typically have more hairballs and will also matt more than short-haired cats.

Ragdoll cats are considered long hair cats unless they are a half breed and then you might have a mixture.

The important thing to know about Ragdoll cats though is that they do not have an undercoat. So when you are brushing them you need to be more sensitive and you need the right tool for the job.

Slicker Brushes For Long Hair, Fine Hair Quick Guide

Most people recommend slicker brushes for long-haired cats, and there is a reason. Slicker brushes are curved or slanted and have very thin teeth. They are ideal for ragdoll cats. They are also really good at removing dirt, dead hair, loose hair and dander. Even though ragdolls don’t have dander your long-haired cat may have dander.

The other great thing about a slicker brush is that they prevent matting, and can also be used to remove them when they appear.

Our recommendation for a slicker brush is the Hesiry Cat Brush. The biggest reason is that you can control the pressure and depth of the brush against the cat’s skin. Even though ragdolls have a lot of hair they don’t have an undercoat so you need to manage pressure against their skin.

  • Pet slicker brush quickly removes all loose hair, dirt and tangles, no more fur on the floor!
  • Self-Cleaning Button, clean up residue hair out of the brush after one pass
  • Arc pins with round massage beads won’t damage or scratch your pet’s sensitive skin and hair roots. Great for dogs, cats, rabbits or any other cute animals with short, long, thick, thin or curly hairs
  • Soft brush: It works by entangling loose hairs with tiny needles, rather than cutting hair by pulling it. The de-shedding brushes have stainless steel needles with a 60-degree bend and some elasticity, which will buffer the knotted hair during brushing. They will not pull your pet’s hair and cause damage, so your pet will feel comfortable using them.

Can you Over Brush A Cat?

Remember that cats will also groom themselves. Most of the time they just need a little help. Brushing them is about bonding as much as it is about actually cleaning them and keeping hair off the floor.

You definitely don’t want to overdo it. You can begin to irritate their skin if you do too much. You also don’t want them to run away from you when you get the brush out.

For older cats, you may want to up the frequency because they begin to be unable to look after themselves.

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to brushing a cat. Pros would be bonding and grooming. It also means that you will probably find less hair around the house. Most importantly you will stop the matting process, and keep your cats coat in the best shape possible.

The cons are really just if you hurt their skin or pull out chunks of hair. The good news is that it will grow back.

How Often Should you Brush a Cat?

As I mentioned about you want to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for your cat. 3 times a week is probably a good amount. However you don’t want your cat to matt, so if your cat is then you may need to up the frequency.

Best Cat Brush for Mats

Ok so there are a few different opinions out there on mat brushes so I am going to give you my experience and recommendations.

I have a senior cat who does not do any grooming herself. She basically just eats sleeps and wanders around the house. She will mat pretty much within a week if she isn’t brushed.

Generally, we use clippers and scissors to get the bigger mats out if it gets to that, but using the brushes does actually help and work.

I use both of the brushes below to keep her groomed.

This first tool is a two-sided grooming tool. It is designed for cats with an undercoat but I use it to pull the mats apart. You have to be really careful because the rake will affect their skin if you push too hard against them.

This next tool is pretty much the industry standard. Again you need to be careful because it is designed for cats with an undercoat. If your long-haired cat has an undercoat then you’ll be ok. If she is like mine and doesn’t have one, you can still use the brush but just be careful when digging into the mats.

One of the best brushes for getting mats out of long hair cats is the FURminator DeShedding Tool. The Furminator DeShedding tool eliminates shedding by up to 90% which is an impressive feat. It does this by tackling the fur undercoat and safely removing loose hairs. It’s also said to help strengthen hair follicles and invigorate the skin.

Is there anything I can use to Help Detangle the Hair?

Yes, there is. There are a number of products on Amazon or in pet stores that you can get that will help. One of my favourites is Cowboy Magic, and yes it is safe for cats. Just make sure you wash it off before they get a chance to lick too much of it.

I have an article on this website about cowboy magic and you can check that out here.

Is it ok to Shave a ragdoll or Long Haired Cat?

We have definitely used the clippers on our cats, especially when the mats get too much or if they get something in their hair that we can’t get out.

Grandma Cat was shaved completely before I got her. She was badly matted and needed a complete shave. Everything was shaved except for her feet and head. It was basically a lion cut.

I have an article on this website all about the experience.

Cat Brushes are specifically designed to help with this process. It’s important to know that especially with long-haired felines sometimes it can be a little frustrating. Cats and long-haired felines often get themselves a little dirtier than other cats just because of the nature of their hair.

What Can I Do If I am On a Budget?

I get it pet ownership can be expensive at times. You can definitely use your own brushes. They do work. Especially for a long-haired cat, human brushes can help just remove some of the mass of hair and keep it from falling out all over the house, and increasing the cat’s hairballs.

We do have a recommendation for you if you are on a budget and still want to get something. Thankfully Amazon has some great deal s on brushes that can assist you in the process. Here is an example.

Other Types of Cat Brushes

Rubber Brushes (Including Gloves):​

If you’ve got a sensitive cat​​​ then rubber brushes are often the best route to take. They are specifically designed to be very gentle on your cat and her skin.

This can also double as a solution for cats that don’t like to be brushed. There are often various reasons that a cat or a dog don’t like to be brushed. When your grooming they just get upset and it doesn’t work.

This ensures you won’t irritate the skin or pull on any tangled areas. But at the same time, it also means that you won’t be able to easily remove mats and tangles so you’ll need to approach it another way. 

A rubber brush or a glove that is designed to pull the loose hair out during grooming could definitely be something that could help you.

De-Shedding Tools

De-Shedding tools are designed to remove the loose hair and the clumps of hair that are ready to fall out. This keeps it off of the floor and out of the cat’s stomach where it becomes a hairball.

Most de-shedding tools are light and do a good job of getting most of the initial loose hair out of the cat’s fur. Usually, they are not designed to get deep and pull extra hair out. You can definitely still pull hair though, so with your long-haired cats make sure you are gentle.

These tools are the best for all-around everyday type grooming for your long-haired cats. I would even say every cat owner should have one, and they can even work on dogs.

De-Matting Tools

Just as the name implies, these are primarily geared toward removing mats, knots and tangles in your cat’s coat. The blades are designed to slice through the problem area without injuring your cat. Large or unruly mats ​may require the use of some scissors to clip out a mat even with this tool at hand.

​These tools generally have a wide teeth side and a skinny teeth side. With your cat you’re going to want to use both sides and see how it goes. I usually use the skinny side first and then the wide side to finish up.

A de-matting tool is a must-have for any long-haired cat owner.

Cat Comb – Quick Guide

Cat hair brushes for long-haired cats are not the only solution. Cat and feline combs can sometimes do the trick. Brushes are definitely more of a daily or weekly grooming tool. A cat comb can also work for long-haired cats, especially when the long hair is finer and you are worried about hitting the skin.

With a cat comb, you can adjust the angle of the comb against the fur or feline skin to make sure you are combing the hair and not hitting the skin.


If you are a new cat owner and looking for a grooming brush for your long-haired cat or if you are just looking for something different than you already have for your cats you came to the right place.

Most cats will self-groom, fine hair, coarse hair, or mats don’t matter they will self groom. However, most cats will also require a little extra help with grooming and fur care. You can use gloves, brushes, combs or any combination of the above to get the grooming done. It is just important that you do it.

These combs and brushes are designed to help you with your long hair cat. Long hair and fine hair can make it a little difficult but rest assured that the brushes and grooming tools will definitely help you.

The other great thing is that during grooming you and your cat will bond. Using the best brushes and grooming tools you will definitely see a difference in affection. You will also see a difference in the amount of puking your cat does. You will also see a difference in the amount of hair and fur that is around the house. All of these are a pro.

In the end, there may not be the best brush for cats, or for long hair cats or for short hair cats. what is important is that you get something that works for your cat. Cats with long hair and cats with short hair all benefit from the grooming a brush provides for them and from the bonding the brushing provides. You can buy a glove, a gift brush, a gift brush tool or a gift grooming tools and give it to someone you know as well. Nothing like a shedding tool as a gift to make a cat owner happy. Get rid of some of the fur and loose fur that happens around the house. These brushes can do exactly that, get rid of fur and loose fur.

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