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Are Ragdoll Cats Smart?

living with Ragdolls

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Are Ragdoll Cats Smart? There are many different options when you are looking for a new pet, and there are many different kinds of cats specifically, whether you are looking …

living with Ragdolls

Are Ragdoll Cats Smart?

Written by: Lucas James

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Are Ragdoll Cats Smart?

There are many different options when you are looking for a new pet, and there are many different kinds of cats specifically, whether you are looking at the shelter or researching breeders. One of these is the ragdoll cat, a longhaired breed that is known to be calm, but also cuddly, sociable and smart, too. Read on to learn some more about this breed of cat. 

Are Ragdoll cats smart?

Yes, Ragdoll cats are smart, it is well known in the cat world that a Ragdoll cat will pretend to be dopey and slow, but they are actually very smart and will figure it out.

What Is a Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdoll cats are a longhaired breed of cat. They are easily distinguishable because of their blue eyes and distinct colorpoint coat. They are an especially elegant and beautiful breed. In addition to this, ragdoll cats have a great personality, too– they are known to be docile, smart, easily trainable, and affectionate. It is common to see ragdoll cats following their owners around and sticking by their side as a constant companion. 

The breed dates back to the 1960s, where the breeder Ann Baker began to breed them in America. They began to gain popularity, both for their looks and personality. These days, they can be found more widely due to this popularity!

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are ragdoll cats smart cats

Are Ragdoll Cats Smart?

Yes, ragdoll cats are known to be an intelligent breed of cat. They are considered highly trainable and are more sociable and cuddly than many other cats. Take a look below for some additional information on the intelligence of ragdoll cats and what you can expect if you decide to take this breed of cat home with you. 

Social Ability

Ragdolls are known, among other breeds of cat, to be very social and to have a high social intelligence. This is shown through their demonstrated affection and cuddly nature. For instance, a ragdoll cat may meet you at the door when you come home or talk to you through their meows to show you what they need. They may also want to cuddle with you often and even have a favorite spot next to you in your armchair or on the sofa! These are all signs of affection and therefore, the social intelligence of the breed. 

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As we mentioned above, ragdoll cats may talk at or to you, so that they can communicate their wants and needs. The way that your cat communicates with you is another sign of their intelligence. They are smart enough to figure out how best to communicate different things to their owners, such as whether they are hungry or whether they want their litter box to be changed. This can often be shown by vocal communication, through meows, and also through physical cues or visual hints! 

Showing Emotion

Ragdoll cats are also very emotional cats, and they are able to express their range of emotions to their owners. They can show emotions such as anger, happiness, or frustration. For example, if your ragdoll cat is displeased, they will make sure you know it! Another thing that falls under the umbrella of showing emotion is showing favoritism. Your ragdoll cat may have a favorite family member, and they will make this obvious in ways such as interacting with this person more than others, or responding more to this person. Showcasing emotions is a common factor when it comes to determining a person or animal’s intelligence.


Memory is another way to gauge intelligence. The stronger an animal’s memory, the more intelligent they are. Ragdoll cats do have good memories. One example of this is that they know their feeding schedules, and will typically only go over to their food bowls when they know it is feeding time– unless, of course, they are hungry and trying to make a point to you! When it comes to these schedules, ragdoll cats are very sensitive. They will become upset when their schedules are changed or disturbed, so try your best to stay constant in your routine for your ragdoll cat!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Ragdoll cat smart?

Yes, ragdoll cats are known to be a very intelligent breed of cat. In fact, this cat can even be taught certain commands which you may have thought were only things you could teach your dog– like “fetch” or “roll over”. This will, of course, take a bit of patience and perseverance. On top of their high intelligence, ragdoll cats are also known to be sweet, cuddly, and calm. 

Are Ragdoll cats dumb?

No, ragdoll cats are not dumb. In fact, they are a highly intelligent breed that can be trained to do many different tricks! Sometimes, ragdoll cats are mistaken to be unintelligent because they are very calm and relaxed. Their attitude can lead some to believe that this breed of cat is not as smart as other breeds of cats that they may come into contact with. 

What is so special about Ragdoll cats?

If you are considering getting a ragdoll cat, there are a few different characteristics that make them a special breed. They have great personalities and are calm, friendly, and gentle. They typically do not mind being touched or handled, which other breeds of cats do not always like. This can make them a good choice for people who are looking for a cat but are more accustomed to the personality of dogs.

Do Ragdoll cats like to be held?

Ragdoll cats are known to be affectionate and cuddly, so they do typically like to be held! They are usually more cuddly than other cats, but it does also depend on the personality of the individual cat. Certain cats will be more excited to cuddle and be held, while other ragdoll cats may not want to be held as much, but will sit on your lap or on your feet to warm you up. Some ragdoll cats have even been known to sit on their owner’s shoulders, where they are close enough to nuzzle up to you. Generally, though, ragdoll cats like to be affectionate and will be attached to you like velcro, so they are a great choice if you want a constant companion, rather than a more aloof feline.